Collaborate with an award-winning digital agency to help further your charity or non-profit.

November 5th, 2015
Application Closed

Here's What We're Doing

For 24 hours, we're donating our time and expertise to help a local charity further their goals. By doing what we do best we can help charities be better at what they do best.

We believe that top talent in design and development shouldn't benefit only those that can afford it. We want to bring important causes into a broader public view and, through our expertise, strengthen the social good sector by making organizations more efficient and effective.

We're eager to give back and help increase the capacity for good social organizations to do more social good.

Submitting your charity for this event means you'll work directly with the Filament team. We've been solving problems and creating efficiency for countless organizations since the dot-matrix printer was a thing.

Learn more about the Team

Not sure what kind of projects qualify?

Here are some examples to get your mind going but don't take this as prescriptive. Fire away with what your organization needs.

  • Database / CRM

    • Centralize database information
    • Create volunteer database
    • Create a database search or reporting function
  • Donations and Web Presence

    • Create online and/or mobile giving portals or modules
    • Implement 3rd party donation tools
    • Design and develop campaign landing pages
  • Operations

    • Automate volunteer registrations
    • Move paper forms online
    • Improve accessibility of your site

How does the process work?

  • 1

    Bootcamp / Groundwork

    Getting a project done in just 24 hours means that to be effective, we'll need some time upfront to create a road map, build a plan, and identify roles and responsibilities.

  • 2


    From 11am until 11am, we'll work together. Over the next 24 hours we will hack our hearts out! There will be food served, snacks, beverages, great camaraderie and a tremendous amount of learning/building.

  • 3

    Ship and Champagne

    Get a shower, a change of clothes, freshen up and come back in the office for a mimosa and brunch. Celebrate together, share joy in what you've helped build and then go to bed.

Ready to start?

Well, then let's get started on the application.

Application Closed

Convince your Boss

Shrink your To-Do List

Every organization has room for improvement and working with us is a chance to clear some lingering nagging problems off your list. You know, the ones that never seem to get done, the ones that everyone suffers through because no one can find the time or money to fix. We want to take on those problems and fix them, at no charge, to make you better. No strings.

Learn new skills

You'll learn how things get done on the web. We're going to be intensely collaborative over a short period of time, deep in strategy and ideation. You'll learn, and will bring back, tools and techniques that push ideas further, that refine strategic objectives, and help to increase efficiency within your organization.

Work with professionals

Filament is an established digital agency (13 years!) with strong ties to the social good sector. We are award-winning and have worked on software, mobile applications, and websites for some great companies.

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